wish to be associated with a progressive organization where I would be able to contribute my skills towards the growth of the organization and where I get a chance to learn even more than I expect in terms of technology and management.

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  • 9+ Years of experience in developing web based applications.
  • Proficient in FISERV / CORILLIAN Voyager 3.1
  • Good Knowledge in Design Patterns.
  • Proficient in developing application using ASP.NET, C# and ADO.NET.
  • Extensive Knowledge on Front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Implemented changes/Enhancements in the Enterprise application framework using Microsoft Technologies.
  • 5 Years of experience in Banking Domain.
  • 2 Years of experience in E-commerce Domain and exposed to Health Care Domains.
  • Good Analytical Skills and urge to learn new technologies and Tools.
  • Good Team Player, Leader and Quick Learner with excellent Communication skills.



  • 2004

    BCA From Bangalore University

    Completed B.C.A from Surana College, Bangalore University, in the year 2004 with 73% aggregate.

  • 2001

    Pre University College - Commerce

    Completed PUC in Commerce from Vasavi College Bellary in the year 2001.


TechSoft Technologies
Apr-2016 to Till Date
Tech Lead
Responsible to take Technical Decissions and guide the team accordingly.
Sonata Software Ltd.
Deputed @Dell
May-2014 to Apr-2016
Consultant C3 (Tech Lead)
Was Deputed @Dell as an Individual Contributor, Worked on ECommerce and ARB (Asset Recovery Business) platform at Dell.
Odessa Technologies
Aug-2013 to May-2014
Module Lead
The major responsibility was to work with the Team and handle multiple modules, this was into Leasing Domain.
SLK Software
Jul-2008 to Aug-2013
Senior Engineer - Software
Was Playing the role of the Team lead and Team player as well.
had got an wonderful opprotunity to design the Database, Application & Environment Architecture which gave me wonderful exposure.
@SLK I was into banking domain dealing with one of the Major Banks @Buffalo, New York.
SmartQube Software
Nov-2007 to Mar-2008
Software Engineer
Team Player on HelathCare & Travel Domains at SmartQube Software, (Nov - Dec Contract on Hire from Acumen India)
Compusol Software
Sep-2006 to Oct-2007
Started the Career @Compusol Software as a trainee and got tremandous number of opportunities to improve my skill sets, The best experience was when I had Performed R&D on DotNetNuke and implemented the same for number of projects.


  • Dell.com

    EComm & ARB

    Ecomm.dell.com is an online purchase path portal for consumers from multiple segments, this application deals with multiple languages and multiple countries. The application behaves in a different manner based on the country and language settings.

    Technologies & Environment

    • ASP.NET, C# Web Services, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
    • TFS 2012


  • ARX

    ARX Document Inventory Management Systems

    The ARX Application involves with managing the Documents related to loans, credit cards and accounts. This application will be used by the branch employees in order to process the physical documents and have the computerized document in tiff format. Once the document is converted to Tiff format the metadata of the document is stored in the database which will be linked with the physical file on the file system.

    Technologies & Environment

    • ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, JQuery, Ajax
    • Tortoise SVN (Version Control Tool)


  • DMD & LN

    DMD & Lexus Nexus

    DMD and LN are the application which helps one of the major Banking Sectors to digitalize the manual documents. The document would be available to the users in the PDF or TIFF format. The user will enter the data available in the documents and submit the documents. Any of the matching deed and mortgage documents will be merged to a single document and will be sent to the client as a flat file. Which will be used by the clients for further use

    Technologies & Environment

    • ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, JQuery, Ajax
    • Tortoise SVN (Version Control Tool)


  • WBB and WBK

    Web Banking for Business & Retail Web Banking

    WBB and WBK are two channels for the application for Retail and Business users, WBB (Web Banking for Business) is the channel for the Business users to login and WBK (Retail Web Banking) is the channel for the Retail users to login to the Web banking application. This is the product named “Voyager 3.1” from FISERV, the product is customized and enhanced to meet the client requirement.
    enhancements provided :

             BBFB is a Product / Accounts bundling system which is provided for Business users who have Web banking enabled. Once the user complete the Needs Assessment (Needs Assessment System) the system will provide the recommended products to the user. Once the user accepts the recommendation the bundle will be created for the user. Once the bundle is created the WBB application will display the Bundle Details else the other respective screens will be displayed based on the bundle status returned by the Web Service.

             When the user has a Retail Web Banking account active only with Loans, This project / Enhancement allows the user to make the payment to the loan from an external bank Checking account. The user transactions will be stored in Voyager DB, there will be a Batch file which runs every day at 12AM and this batch file will take care of updating the Mainframe / Shaw Region

             OFX is the project which enables the user to transfer the data related to transactions to Microsoft Money format. The user needs to get registered in order to use this service. In order to use this service user should have at least one checking account. Checking account is mandatory to use this feature as the reason this is the account which will be used to charge the user.

             Finance Works is about integrating the INTUIT Money Manager product with WBK, Money Manager is the tools which provides the statistics of the Income and Expenditure details in a categorized manner using the graphical representation. The integration was provided by allowing the user to register for the product and the registration details will be stored in the Voyager Database. To get registered for Finance Works user needs to have at least one Checking account as this will be the account which will be used to charge the user.

    Technologies & Environment

    • Voyager 3.1, ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
    • Tortoise SVN (Version Control Tool)


  • WLA

    Web Loan Application

    WLA is an Online loan application which is developed for one of the reputed Banks of United states to enable the users to apply for loans online. This application allows the user to save the partially filled application and complete the same at the later Stages. This application even allows the users to change the type of loan at any point of time. This application is integrated with the Web Banking application for Retail Users. The application takes care of validating the user details from the Mainframe Region using the WEB Services and posting the User data to the SHAW systems so that the respective teams can take the further required actions. There are multiple entry points to reach this application to apply for the loan

    Technologies & Environment

    • VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • VSS (Version Control Tool)


  • Smart Care

    Smart Care at Smart Qube Software

    SMARTCare system is a HealthCare application that is developed for the clients located in UK, the aim of the SMARTCare system was designed to ensure that the entire continuing care team is supported with access to the most up-to-date, accurate and secure information about the patients and their Medical History, whenever and requested
    The clients using SMARTCare application are:
    1. Brent PCT
    2. Westminster
    3. Hammersmith & Fulham

    Technologies & Environment

    • VS 2003 & 2005, SQL Server 2005, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • VSS (Version Control Tool)


Passport & Visa

Valid till 21-Feb-2022
Yes - B1 Visa, United States of America
Valid till 20-Dec-2019


C# 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
Microsoft SQL Server
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery Ajax
Fiddler & other Developer Tools
Microsoft TFS and VSS, Tortoise CVS and SVN

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